Many Thanks to GRINDROD BANK for agreeing to be the lead sponsor for the event for the 4th Year runningGrindrod Bank

On the 27th & 28th August the 5th annual Rhino Ride will be held within the Zululand Rhino Reserve, our aim is to raise funds & increase awareness regarding endangered species & local community empowerment.  All funds received will be donated to the Zululand RHINO Reserve Foundation - the ZRR foundation set up with the aims to grow conservation, counteract poaching & establish & maintain a strong mutually beneficial partnership of empowerment for the neighbouring Zulu communities

We are currently looking for further sponsorship in order to host this event to its full potential.  If this is something that you or your company may be interested in assisting us with I would be more than happy to discuss what sponsorship may best suit you.  All sponsors are encouraged to display flag banners, hand out brochures and display a “mini stand” at event in order to maximize advertising.

Please note that the foundation is a registered NPO and all donations made are tax-deductible.

Every little bit counts

Please contact Kelly on cycle@zululandrhinoreserve.co.za for further information